Thursday, February 18, 2010

BREAKING NEWS, Some Good, Some iffy, Some Yet to Come.

From Jeanne Hewitt, KEA PAC Chair: 10:51 A.M. 2/18/2010
The Dillon proposal is sunk!!!! Yeah, thanks to all of your efforts and the number of calls to the negative, it failed to come to the floor.

I have a direct line into the ORS and they will let me know the minute any action is taken on the proposal set forth by Granholm.
If the retirement proposal should pass, members will only have from April 15 to May 15 to make up their mind and put in an application for retirement.

The state, as it stands now will vote on the House speaker Bishop plan to lower your wage for 3 years by 5 %. We don't know how this will affect schools that have already reduced wages of their employees.


Follies Time

Get your act together! Or at least organize your school to make a donation. Mary Molyneux has been working hard on the show. Remember it is for a GREAT cause, and the scholarships that we give out truly make a difference.
The Follies, March 27th! Be There or Donate!