Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your Health Care and Bargaining Rights Are Under Attack

MEA Votes E-Newsletter — July 17, 2009

Your health benefits and bargaining rights are under attack

If you haven't contacted House Speaker Andy Dillon and your state representative yet, what are you waiting for?

Regardless of the health care you've bargained with your school district, under Speaker Dillon's plan, you'll be bargaining with the state--they'll determine what benefits you should have.

You've already given enough! E-mail and phone Speaker Dillon and your representative NOW! See the Legislative Contacts on the left side of the Blog.

Also, include the following legislators in your lobbying efforts. Encourage them to withhold their support of Dillon's plan:

Rep. Pam Byrnes
Rep. Tim Melton
Rep. Mark Meadows
Rep. Kathy Angerer

Talking Points to consider.

Contact Dillon and your state representative immediately. Tell them:

  • This proposal is anti-school employee, anti-collective bargaining and anti-union.
  • The state isn't capable of managing the programs it has, as evidenced by the current economic and budget crisis in Michigan. How can it run a statewide health insurance pool?
  • Where are the savings Speaker Dillon expects coming from? How can we trust these numbers if the government can't even get the budget settled?
  • This program jeopardizes the health and security of all school employees and their families.
  • This proposal eliminates local control and destroys collective bargaining rights that school employees have had for generations.
  • As a school employee, I already pay for my benefits and I have given up salary and other benefits to save my school district and the state money. I already do my part in being fiscally responsible.
  • In addition to being a school employee, I am also a taxpayer. This plan doesn't save me any money as Dillon suggests. It simply shifts the cost to me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Early Childhood Education Under Attack

Once again, education funding is at risk. Please read the email I received and act now!

Please sign by clicking on "petition" and forward this to friends. It may help save our preschool funding. THANK YOU!

Action Alert

July 7, 2009

Dear Early Childhood Advocate,

Dramatic cuts to critical early childhood programs are under final discussion in the state legislature. All state funded preschool and parent education programs have been eliminated in a bill recently passed by the state Senate in Lansing. If the Michigan House concurs with the Senate and the Governor signs it into law, the future of young children and all of us involved in early childhood programs are at risk. We must act now to make sure that these proven, cost effective programs continue.

Join others who believe that early childhood programs need continued funding. Complete the petition by 2:00 PM Monday, July 13, 2009 or go to Each legislator will receive a copy of the petition and a list of those signing it.

You can also call your legislators by dialing (517) 373-0135 to speak to your senator or (517) 373-0135 to speak to your representative. To find your State Representative and his/her mailing address and email address, go to . To find your State Senator and his/her mailing address and email address, go to .

Legislators will be in their home districts and will return to session July 14, 2009.
Please email this petition to your friends, families, and community members. The legislature needs to know that many people care about these programs. For further information, please visit the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children website at or call the office at 1-800-336-6424. Thank you for supporting young children!


Tammy Arakenlian
Public Policy Chair
4572 S. Hagadorn Rd. Ste 1D
East Lansing, MI 48823-5385
Fax: 517-336-9790
Phone: 517-336-9700